50 Years of Neighbors Helping Neighbors

50 Years of Neighbors Helping Neighbors2019-10-18T17:33:46+00:00

For the past 50 years Neighbor to Neighbor has built on the foundation of neighbors helping neighbors.  Today services looks slightly different than they did 50 years ago, but our vision of every family having a place to call home remains the same.

Over the years, N2N has tackled the housing affordability challenge with a number of different and creative solutions.  Everything from physically moving and rehabbing homes, to being a loan provider, to actually building homes.  It is incredible to think back over 50 years knowing how our services have changed the trajectory for thousands of families in Larimer County.

To mark the milestone of 50 years of service, we will be sharing some of our favorite stories through videos, podcasts, and photos. We will tell stories about our residents and how their lives have benefited because of a stable home, about our communities and partners that help us do the work that we do, and about our team that strives to make this community a better place every day.

We hope that these stories will  help shed some light on the work that we do as well as serve as a reminder of the good that can come from neighbors helping neighbors.