Adventure Seeker, Family Man

Pete was born in Wakefield Massachusetts, a suburb just north of Boston. He and his sister were classic 80’s latchkey kids in a neighborhood with lots of similar kids. He remembers spending afternoons playing stick ball and running around the neighborhood. More recently he finds enjoyment exploring the Colorado outdoors, in the mountains or on the water. He also loves spending time, learning and growing with his wife, daughter and son. Pete is a communications professional that engages both employees and community members to understand and incorporate their perspectives into important decisions. When the people who are highly impacted are involved it ultimately leads to better, more community focused decision being made. His passion for giving back really took off when he left the private sector to pursue other interests and moved to Fort Collins nearly 10 years ago. Since then he has worked for, volunteered with or otherwise contributed to several nonprofit and government organizations. Pete joined N2N’s Board of Directors in 2016. He appreciates supporting N2N’s mission of ensuring everyone has stable housing because he believes it’s the most important factor to having a safe and healthy life for a family.

Compassionate Caregiver

Gloria was born in Bronx NY, and is the 3rd oldest of 7 children.  Growing up, Gloria spent summers with her family at Coney Island and bicycling at the World’s Fair. She loves her faithful dogs and the comfort of good Italian food. Her favorite color is red, as it’s a symbol of strength. She enjoys spending time with her children, grandchildren, friends and family and supporting their journeys. She is a mother of 3 hardworking kids and 5 grandchildren. Gloria is a Patient Representative, and her passion for helping others began in 2002. 2016 and 2017 were hard years for Gloria and her family. Health conditions prevented her from working and affected her income. This led to her connection with N2N and finding financial support to keep her home of 15 years. Gloria appreciates N2N’s mission of ensuring everyone has a home. Without the help of N2N, she would have lost her home and been unable to heal and move on to the next chapter.

You can help
As Neighbor to Neighbor continues to grow, we need your support. N2N provides stable housing to over 5,000 people in Larimer County each year. We prevented 200 families from becoming homeless in the last year alone. Please support N2N as we build a strong community, neighbor to neighbor.
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