Neighbor to Neighbor is led by a board of directors comprised of passionate volunteers who are dedicated to the mission and guide agency vision, policies, and programs.

Why does home matter to our board members?

President Jackie Shields, Nestle Waters

Home is where I love, laugh, cry, relax, spend time with my loved ones, and feel safe.  It is my corner of the world where I can be myself without judgement or intrusions.  Everyone deserves their own private place to call home.  It is the foundation for health and well-being and is an essential building block for an individual or family to thrive.

Vice President Nate Budd, Colorado State University

Home is the unyealding place where my sense of self and community can grow stronger everyday.

Treasurer Janese Younger, FirstBank

Home matters to me because having a sage and stable place to rest one’s head gives a great sense of security and enables one to focus on their family and aspirations.

Secretary Megan Ferguson, Funding Partners

Home represents my refuge from the world.  Home is where my children rest their heads at night, where my husband and I tackle life’s challenges and together celebrate its gifts.  Our home is filled with joy and love, and is essential in building a healthy foundation that will prepare us for the world!


Andrea Schaefer, The Group, Inc.

Home to me is my sanctuary.  It is filled with love, it energizes me to always be the best, and it is my most peaceful place.  It is my environment to be myself and grow.  Home is the safest place on earth!

Brian Mannlein, Cushman & Wakefield

Stability, comfort, security, solace. Home provides us the ability to plan for the future and focus on what matters most.  Home is our foundation.

Chris Lidstone, Wenck

Home is more than a place to stay. It is where your family grows up. It is where you can rest your head and it remains a place of pride. A stable and safe home not only keeps a family together, but more importantly serves as their family base from which they can blossom and contribute. A stable home is the fundamental footing that will support an individual or a family and lead to success and further development.

Evan Shockley, Disabled Resource Services 

Since moving into a home 1 year ago, my emotional and physical health drastically improved.  I went from having monthly seizures to zero seizures for over a year. Having a home enables me to pull things together so I can actually have a life.

Kyle Basnar, Windermere Real Estate

The most obvious meaning is a physical location: where you live.  But home is so much more than a warm bed and a comfy couch.  It’s love, security and connection.  Home isn’t a place as much as it is a feeling.

Pete Iengo, City of Fort Collins Utilities

Home to me is a safe place where my family can grow together. This is important for my young daughter, who is learning what it means to be a respectful human being, as much as it is for my wife and I, who work hard to support each other through life’s obstacles on a regular basis. Furthermore, our home is so often an energizing, eventful and hilarious place! We love sharing it with our friends and family, and feel so fortunate for the physical and emotional shelter it provides.

Scott Sliski, CBI Real Estate Holdings

Home is a significant driver to the financial health of the family, employment, and improved educational circumstances.  Having a home reduces stress and other adverse health outcomes.

Sue Ballou, Partnership for Age-Friendly Communities

Home makes the world full of possibilites.  Home is where I can create a life for my family and me, where I can take on the world from, and retreat to when I need a break from the pressures of life.  It’s an anchor and launch pad.