Colorado Gives Day is less than a month away – but the fun has already begun! We are excited to announce that Walta and James Ruff have generously pledged to match every donation we receive on or before Dec 6th – up to $20,000!

By donating to N2N for Colorado Gives Day, you are providing much-needed local support – preventing evictions, ending homelessness and helping families celebrate the holidays safely at home. Along with Ruff family, you’ll join neighbors and local businesses who believe stable housing is foundational for the economic health and vitality of our great community.

The pandemic illuminated the many needs and challenges our community is facing. This last fiscal year, N2N delivered our fourth highest level of direct assistance in our organization’s 52-year history. With community support, families were offered a little bit of time and breathing room so that one financial challenge didn’t snowball into a life-altering catastrophe.

Here’s how N2N helped stabilize local housing this past fiscal year:

  • Prevented 4,487 evictions for households experiencing an emergency financial hardship.
  • Prevented 1,615 homes from losing electricity.
  • 1,263 homes were purchased by buyers who attended our Homebuyer Education Class.
  • Helped 315 families move into a stable home.
  • Prevented 121 foreclosures with counseling and emergency mortgage assistance.

While housing stability remains a critical issue for many of our neighbors, we can continue fighting hard to change that with your help today.