HomeShare is a simple concept in which two or more people benefit from sharing a home together.  The program helps participants find a housemate who will positively impact their lives.  Neighbor to Neighbor and the Partnership for Age-Friendly Communities are proud to offer this program to Larimer County.


The Participants


HomeShare participants are either HomeProviders or HomeSeekers.

  • HomeProviders are 55+ and living in their home with an available room or two
  • HomeSeekers are any adult person looking for a new housing solution.

Homeshare is more than a roommate finder.  We understand that each arrangement is unique and based upon the needs, interests and lifestyles of the individuals involved.  It provides a rewarding housing option  to people of all ages.  Every homeshare is unique.



The Process


The Neighbor to Neighbor screening process focuses on safety and security, alongside finding the most compatible match possible!

  • Application – Find the downloadable PDF below.
  • Neighbor to Neighbor Counselor calls potential applicant to schedule interview
  • Background check completed  ($25 fee).
  • Interview – Counselor and Participant meet to discuss needs, interests, and lifestyle.
  • Match Search – Our data base matches preferences to find positive matches.
  • Match Introductions – Meeting of potential HomeShare matches to discuss lifestyles and expectations.
  • Trial Match –  A trial living arrangement to see if the match is compatible.
  • Living Agreement Signing – When HomeProvider and HomeSeeker choose to share a home, the Housing Counselor will help them work out the terms of their living agreement.
  • Care and Ongoing Support – Counselor provides ongoing support in case needs change or issues arise.

This is not an immediate housing solution, it will take time get through the application and interview stages.


The Benefits


  • Companionship for both HomeProviders and HomeSeekers ranging from friendliness to long lasting relationships
  • Potential for help with household chores in exchange for lower rent
  • Extra income for HomeProvider by renting a bedroom
  • Provides someone in your community with a unique, affordable housing solution

To Participate in the Program

All Applicants Must:

  • Have no pending criminal charges or warrants, no active parole or probation and no convictions involving crimes against persons or property;
  • No history of abuse of any kind;
  • No substance or alcohol use disorder;
  • Have three references who can recommend you for the program. Those seeking housing must provide a resident reference as well, such as a landlord, property manager or housemate;
  • Those seeking housing must either live, work or attend school in Larimer County.

*Even if you meet these eligibility guidelines, we cannot guarantee you housing.  It is up to the participants in our program to ultimately decide who would be the most compatible match for them.

Requirements for your Home:

  • Must be owned and occupied by the Home Provider
  • Must be located within Larimer County;
  • Have a private bedroom for seeker;
  • Is safe and sanitary, complying with local housing standards.

We are looking for HomeSharers Who:

  • Are Flexible
  • Want to be Helpful
  • Live well with others
  • Have patience with the time commitment needed to find the right match
HomeShare FAQ
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