If you are struggling to keep up with your utility bills, Neighbor to Neighbor is accepting applications for utility assistance. To qualify, you must make 80% or less of the Area Median Income (see the AMI table below). If you are behind on utilities, but not rent, you are still eligible to apply.

We will prioritize the following applications:

  • Individuals making below 50% AMI (see AMI table below)
  • Households with one or more members who have been unemployed for the last 90 days
  • If you have a shut off notice, complete the online utility assistance application, then call our Assistance Line at (970)829-0296 and leave a message. You can email the shut off notice to [email protected]

2022 Area Medium Income (AMI) Table

# People in HouseholdMedian (100%)80%60% AMI50% AMI

How to Apply

This application process begins when you click the “Apply Now” button below, follow these steps to create an account, and then complete your application using the online form.

  • Click on “Rent and Utility Assistance” and select “Are you currently behind on your utility bill?”
  • Check the “I agree to consent to receive documents electronically” box and click continue.
  • Enter your name and email address before clicking “Create Account.”
  • Go to your email and click “Confirm Your Account” in the Welcome email. This takes you back to your browser to create an account password.
  • Once entered into your account, select “Complete Profile.” Answer the questions and select “Save and Continue.”

For help with this application, or if you have already submitted an application and it’s been over 48 hours, please call (970) 829-0296.

For residents seeking utility assistance who live outside of Larimer County, please click HERE to find the appropriate application. Please note, this link says ‘Rental Assistance Information and Applications by County and City,’ but the various links cover rent, utility, and in some cases mortgage assistance. Make sure you click on the application link for the appropriate county. These applications are not be handled by Neighbor to Neighbor. If you have questions while filling it out, please contact the appropriate agency in your county.