Gather your friends for a

Party with a Purpose.

Rent Party Origins

Rent parties began in Harlem during the 1920s as a way to help friends cover their rent during hard times. Folks would gather, a musician would entertain, and a hat would be passed. This same party concept is being used today to help local friends and neighbors. In fact, a typical rent party today can raise enough funds to help 2-3 local families!

Benefits of Hosting

7 Families Safely Housed

It’s Your Party – your theme, your schedule, your people, your fun!

Feel Good Fun  – It’s a great way to introduce your friends and acquaintances to a cause you support.

1.5 Homes Preserved

17 Homes Secured

Be the Change – Every dollar you raise together goes directly toward preventing homelessness for local families.

Good Times.

Great Cause.

Lori and Danny’s Rent Party

“In our 30 years of marriage, Danny and I have hosted many a gathering for all sorts of celebrations and causes. This was by far one of the most fun. It felt good being able to donate to something that appeals to everyone and guests got to have a nice time in a neighbor’s yard while doing it.”

Sound Fun?

The Heartling Family

“To Neighbor to Neighbor and supporters who made our wish come true:  you really have no idea what you did or how grateful we truly are. You guys gave us a place to call home. A place to raise our daughter. A place that’s clean and safe. There are no words to ever express our gratitude. Thank you so much. This meant the world to our family! We can’t wait to make beautiful family memories here that we’ll cherish forever.”