Supporting Neighbors

Thank you for opening doors and advancing lives in Larimer County.
  • N2N provides stable housing to over 10,000 adults and children in Larimer County each year.

  • N2N prevents homelessness for 4,000 families each year.

  • Over 90% of clients have continued stability 6 months after receiving N2N assistance.

  • N2N prevents foreclosure in 90% of cases.

The pandemic, sudden changes in employment, inflation and affordable housing shortages have created an unprecedented demand for our eviction prevention services and rent and utility assistance programs in Larimer County. For the first time, many of our neighbors who were accustomed to stable housing and steady income are finding themselves living paycheck to paycheck and making tough decisions for their families – between food and utilities; car payments and rent.

In the past, N2N generally provided $225,000 in Emergency Rent Assistance each year to help struggling households in our community. Now, we are dispersing over $1.5 million every month to ensure our neighbors can stay in their homes.

While we have all endured so much change and uncertainty these past few years, we have also experienced the strength and resilience of our communities coming together to support one another in a time of need. Every gift, every act is an investment that pays its return in the social vibrancy, economic stability and overall health of our of beloved community.

Please note: If you are using a smart phone to submit this donation form, turning your phone to landscape view may improve readability while entering your credit card number, expiration or CVC number. If you experience difficulties, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Looking for other ways to show your support?

Host a Rent Party where you and your friends can help raise funds to keep local families housed!