Eviction Prevention: Rent & Utility Assistance

Total Assistance Distributed in October 2022

  • $2,156,988 in assistance distributed to 719 households

Eviction Prevention Assistance Totals for October

  • $1,796,950 distributed to help 433 households
  • Average assistance = $4,150/household
  • $62,616 in Utility Assistance distributed to help 125 households

Eviction Prevention Breakdown by Area

  • Fort Collins: 244 households received $948,717 in assistance
  • Loveland: 111 households received $473,742 in assistance
  • Other Larimer County: 38 households received $134,470

Utility Assistance Breakdown by Area

  • Fort Collins: 58 households received $19,133 in assistance
  • Loveland: 63 households received $42,230 in assistance
  • Other Larimer County: 4 households received $1,253

*Households who receive rent and utility assistance in the same month are reflected twice.

Additional Information

  • 64 households are waiting for assistance or are in process.
  • Wait time for households with eviction notices is 1 day and without eviction notices is 2 weeks.
  • On November 15, 2022, the Colorado Department of Local Affairs
    (DOLA) stopped accepting rent and utility assistance applications. N2N refers local households to our Housing Solutions team, which is using Larimer County, City, and local grant funding for smaller-scale rent and utility assistance, lease review, and budget education.

Homeownership & Mortgage Assistance

  • 41 New/First Time Homeownership Clients and 111 Total Active Clients in October 2022
  • $516,690 in mortgage assistance distributed to lenders
  • 65 households completed homeownership education with N2N in October
  • 65 homeownership households educated by N2N closed on a home in October
  • 6 households closed on a reverse mortgage after receiving reverse mortgage counseling and education.

Additional Information

  • N2N’s Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF) contract with DOLA is expected in November 2022.

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Contact N2N Executive Director Kelly Evans at 970-488-2363 or [email protected].