Eviction Prevention: Rent & Utility Assistance


Total Assistance Distributed in July 2022

  • $1,327,596 in assistance distributed to 433 households

Eviction Prevention Assistance Totals for July

  • $1,154,393 distributed to 258 households
  • Average assistance = $4,474/household
  • $63,671 in Utility Assistance distributed to 146 households

Eviction Prevention Breakdown by Area

    • Fort Collins: 142 households received $551,161 in assistance
    • Loveland: 76 households received $373,167 in assistance
    • Other Larimer County: 20 households received $102,357

Utility Assistance Breakdown by Area

    • Fort Collins: 65 households received $26,231 in assistance
    • Loveland: 68 households received $33,523 in assistance
    • Other Larimer County: 13 households received $3,917

*Households who receive rent and utility assistance in the same month are reflected twice.

Additional Information

  • 286 households are waiting for assistance. 151 are repeat clients and 52 have received eviction notices.
  • The number of N2N inquiries from households with eviction notices has been increasing:  April-May: 268, June-July: 561.
  • City of Loveland utilities have begun shut-offs which resulted in higher numbers of Loveland households being assisted.
  • Weld County stopped accepting new rent assistance clients as of 8/15/22. N2N is exploring possibility of assisting Weld households in future.

Homeownership & Mortgage Assistance

  • 25 New/First Time Homeownership Clients and 80 Total Active Clients in July 2022
  • $213,152 in mortgage assistance distributed to lenders
  • 69 households completed homeownership education with N2N
  • 81 homeownership households educated by N2N closed on a home in July

Additional Information

  • Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program (EMAP) will transition to Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF) in summer 2022.
  • DOLA estimates to have an executed Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF) contract with N2N in October 2022.


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Contact N2N Executive Director Kelly Evans at 970-488-2363 or [email protected].