The pandemic really did a number on our finances…and our spirits. We had nowhere to turn and were terrified to say the least.

After temporarily relocating out of state for work, we were finally able to move back home for my husband’s job. Then, suddenly, his job was gone. We had some savings to live on, but we were also dealing with children in college, older cars that were falling apart and elderly parents needing our assistance. On top of that, I had undergone multiple surgeries after injuring myself while caring for my mother, and this left me unable to work and with growing medical bills. We are almost retirement age, and suddenly we had nothing.

A wonderful real estate agent told us about Neighbor to Neighbor and about relief for those who had been affected by Covid. I couldn’t help but think that since we are older and should have been prepared that there was no way we would ever be considered for assistance. But here we were, running out of food, toilet tissue, everything. My husband and I just looked at each other in shock…and shame.

Then a miracle happened when Angela from N2N called. She treated me with such dignity and respect and for the first time in two months we took a breath of air!

N2N saved us! There is no other way to put it. We are surviving and slowly getting things turned around and going in the right direction! We were allowed our dignity and privacy, and that means so very much when you are struggling. I have shed tears of gratitude on many occasions, and I know because we benefited at a time of great need, we will do our part to give back in kind.