“Having affordable rent made it possible for me to work part time so I could complete an internship that I needed to graduate. It was definitely a struggle to work, attend classes, and take care of my son while balancing other areas of my life, but I am proud of myself for never quitting and thankful for Neighbor to Neighbor and their continued support.”

Deanna Baker was working full time and pursuing a bachelor’s degree when she found out she was pregnant with her baby boy, Cash. Being newly single, and unable to afford rent on her own, she lived with a local family while she searched for a place to call her own. When she got the call about an opening at Neighbor to Neighbor, she felt like a weight was immediately lifted off her shoulders.

“Having a roof over our heads, and not having to have roommates, gives me so much peace of mind. It has given me the chance to focus on other important areas of our lives such as finishing school and getting a job in my desired field. It has also given me the chance to witness all of Cash’s milestones.”

Because of this access to stable housing with Neighbor to Neighbor, Deanna was able to complete her degree. Deanna attributes her achievements in part to having a safe home that fits in the budget of a single mom.