Stable housing is vital to individual, family and community health.

Housing is the best investment we can make in our community because it supports everything a family needs to be successful. When someone stuggles to meet basic housing needs, it impacts their ability to have enough to eat, to remain enrolled and engaged at school, to maintain consistent employment, and to stay on top of health and medical needs.

As a housing opportunity resource for Northern Colorado, Neighbor to Neighbor (N2N) services are designed to meet each individual where they are now – from homeless and low-income individuals seeking a place to live; to families needing assistance to secure their existing homes; to prospective buyers ready to explore the homebuying process. Our trained housing professionals assist clients through obstacles and develop personalized solutions to help them achieve their housing goals.

N2N’s Three Key Service Areas: 

  • Preventing and Ending Homelessness
  • Finding and Securing Affordable Housing
  • Exploring and Maintaining Homeownership

Neighbors Helping Neighbors – Community Support Drives N2N’s Success.

Last year,  N2N helped:

  • 832 households remain safely housed with Eviction Prevention Assistance
  • 780 households keep the lights on with Utility Assistance
  • 387 families achieve housing with Move-In Assistance
  • 1,086 homeowners preserve their home with Foreclosure Prevention Assistance
  • 1,133 prospective buyers prepare for the homebuying journey with Homebuyer Education Classes
  • 300+ adults and children maintain a safe, stable place to live with N2N’s Affordable Housing Properties

Our Mission

The mission of Neighbor to Neighbor is to open doors and advance lives from homelessness through homeownership by providing sustainable housing, supportive services, and education to families and individuals primarily in Larimer County.

We envision communities where everyone has opportunity and access to a stable home because home is the foundation for success. 

Our History

Neighbor to Neighbor grew out of a grassroots movement in 1970.

In a neighborhood in northeast Fort Collins, a large family was about to lose their home. Their neighbors joined together and successfully raised enough money to keep the family from becoming homeless. This spirit of giving and compassion led to the founding of N2N. Since then, programs have expanded to meet the growing need for affordable housing and self-sufficiency programs in Larimer County and Northern Colorado, including our HUD-Certified Renter and Home Ownership programs and our Affordable Housing program. Today, N2N serves over 10,000 individuals each year.

Our Commitment to Diversity

At Neighbor to Neighbor, we strive to create safe spaces where our neighbors are free to be their full, authentic selves. We are committed to providing full access to our housing stability services to communities of color and underserved communities.

If you have a suggestion related to N2N’s diversity and inclusion efforts, please contact N2N’s Race, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee via N2N Executive Director Kelly Evans at 970-488-2363.

Acknowledging The History Of Our Land

Neighbor to Neighbor recognizes and acknowledges the land we occupy and the people who originally called this place home. Long before white people claimed this land as Colorado, others had claimed it as home. Tribes such as Ute, Apache, Comanche, Arapaho, Cheyenne, Kiowa, Lakota, Shoshone, and Pawnee lived in this region and many of their descendants remain here today.

We acknowledge the wrongs committed to the groups before us. We acknowledge the lives we live today, are different because thousands of people and families were killed, ripped apart, forced to move, enslaved, and had their homes destroyed by atrocities such as the Sand Creek Massacre. We remember the broken treaties made when they no longer served white people.  We acknowledge this history and we choose to be educated. We choose to be good neighbors. We choose to fight injustice. We choose to not repeat the patterns of injustice and to bring good, not harm, as long as we live on this land.  We choose to work for housing equity and opportunity for all.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

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