If you are seeking First Month’s Rent Assistance, you will need to complete a screening call by contacting:

Suah Ledesma, Client Coordinator


Neighbor to Neighbor’s First Month’s Rent Assistance Program assists homeless and near homeless households in Larimer County, Colorado to attain affordable, sustainable housing. N2N may be able to assist with up to $500 toward your first month’s rent.

Documentation N2N requires to provide assistance includes:

  • Photo ID
  • Verification that you are about to lose your housing or are currently homeless.
  • An UNSIGNED lease for your new rental. Lease must be a minimum of 6 months.
  • One month’s worth of most recent paystubs, or your most recent income verification statement.

Tenant Resources

Landlord/Tenant Basics
Move in Checklist
Monthly Budget Template
Money Management
Lead Based Paint
Number of People/HouseholdMedian (100%)80% AMI60% AMI50% AMI30% AMI
Walk-in appointments are not currently available.