Why does home matter to our staff?

Kelly Evans

Executive Director



Home is where my family helps one another grow and be the best we can be.

Home is a safe, comfortable place I share with my family.  It is a place to be the best version of yourself and help those you love to do the same.

Jenny Maeda

Deputy Director



Stephanie Alley

Resident Services Coordinator



When I think of home, I am reminded of the memories that have been created with my family and friends.  It is a place where we can enjoy each other’s company, work through difficult situations, or just be silly without onlookers thinking we are crazy!

Home means always having a place to take refuge after a hard day, a place to celebrate the good days, and a place to set intentions at the start of a new day. Home is my favorite spot on the couch and knowing that there will always be open arms waiting there for me.

Brooke Cunningham

Philanthropy Manager



Marty DeGrofft

Leasing Consultant



Home, to me, is a comforting escape from reality with an emotional attachment.  It gives me a sense of security, loving memories we have created, and a place to relax and to be.  It is what we have built for ourselves to enjoy with family and friends.

Home is the foundation, the safe and stable place from which I can confidently go out into the world.  A warm safe place to land if life knocks me down, as well as a place to celebrate my successes.  Home is more than just the walls, it is the feeling and the people but those walls contain and support all of it.

Heather Domko

HomeShare Coordinator



Melissa Frasure

Program Director



Home matters to me because it is a place where I can feel safe and comfortable no matter what is going on in the outside world.  When I walk in to my home I know it will be a positive and loving environment where my family can learn, grow and share our lives with those we love.

Home to me is one of the only places that I can be my utmost self.  All of my achievements, secrets, goals, creativity, and imagination lie in my home.

Giavanni Heflin

Lead Housing Counselor



Joshua Johnson




Home is the place where you belong, where you can gather with family and friends and share life’s memories.

Home to me is a sense of security.  I did not have secure housing growing up and I have fought hard to make that a priority and goal for my family.  I understand the stress of housing need, especially in Fort Collins.  It gives me great peace of mind and security knowing I finally secured housing for my children by purchasing my first home in 2017!

Morgan Krueger

Portfolio Manager



Miranda Minton

Housing Counselor



Home is the foundation where my family can feel secure, maintain stability, find comfort and come together.  Home is the springboard of life and a sanctuary for my family.  My children say that home is their favorite place to be.

Home is the place where I am able to be comfortable and secure in my being.  It is a place where my family can grow and bond together, where peace and happiness can be enjoyed and expressed.

Tony Pastrana

Maintenance Technician



Alea Rodriguez

Program Manager



A home allows individuals the chance to thrive and access their full potential.  This is why my home acts as an anchor for my family.  It’s foundation not only shelters us from the cold, but it also ensures that my kids can focus on being kids.

Home, to me, is more of a feeling than a concrete place.  It represents a space full of laughter and unconditional love; where you create some of the best memories and heal from the hardest times.

Megan Schimberg

Leasing Consultant



Alan Simon

Maintenance Supervisor



Home is a retreat where I go for shelter and security.  Home is also where the heart is, and I go there to find the people I love the most.

Home is love; a place to foster relationships with friends and family, a place to love  yourself. It is when you feel good about yourself that you can then reach out and help others. Helping each other starts with Home.

Georgie Tiedeman

Office Manager



Megan Davis

Community Engagement Coordinator



Home is my happy place, where I am comfortable and safe. It is where I create lasting memories with my family and friends and is where I can be the best version of myself.