Rileys Drive Up Birthday Party raised over $1,300!

During these challenging times, more families than ever are relying on Neighbor to Neighbor to help them have a place to call home.  In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and to comply with social distancing recommendations, we’re reimagining our annual fundraising event to meet the needs of our community.

Last year, we loved celebrating our 50th birthday together and had planned to continue the festivities with a large Rent Party this July.  Now, we’re asking you to volunteer as a Rent Party host and throw a smaller fundraising celebration sometime this month.  

What is a Rent Party?  Rent Parties originated in the 1920’s in Harlem as a way to help cover a friend’s rent. A musician would provide entertainment while friends passed the hat to pay the rent.

Today, Rent Parties are a way for you to raise funds to keep neighbors in their homes. It’s easy! Just host any type of gathering – a potluck, happy hour or even book club – and ask your attendees to help you reach a fundraising goal in support of Neighbor to Neighbor.

Why July?  The unemployment benefits available because of the COVID-19 pandemic will end in July, but with many community members still not able to return to work full time, we need to prepare to keep our neighbors housed.

What kind of gathering should I host?  That’s the beauty of Rent Parties – they can be anything!  If you’re planning a Fourth of July barbecue, there’s nothing more American than supporting your neighbors!  Or if you love to have friends over for brunch, pop the champagne!  Not ready to gather or invite folks into your home?  Host a virtual Rent Party!

What about social distancing?  We are closely watching the recommended guidelines and strongly encourage each host to make decisions that make the most sense to them!  Whether that means having a socially-distanced happy hour in your backyard, or just keeping it to close friends and family, come together however you feel comfortable!

Do I need to register my Rent Party with the County? If you’re hosting an in-person gathering of over 10 people, please request a variance for your party and see the county’s rules to keep everyone safe by visiting their website.

Who does a Rent Party actually help? Rent Party funds support those who are facing threat of eviction or even homelessness by providing them with financial assistance to stay housed.  We believe that maintaining stable housing is a key to healthy, happy families (like the Baker family pictured here!).

How much is my party expected to raise?  If each rent party raises $750, we will be able to keep more than 20 families from losing their housing this year!  And, don’t let that figure intimidate you.  Donations of any size – and the awareness generated by a Rent Party – are critical to the success of our organization.

What support will I receive?  We’re here for you!  Neighbor to Neighbor will provide you with the tools to be successful including:

  • A toolkit with information and best practices about how to host a great Rent Party
  • Talking points, personalized invitations and support from a Rent Party liaison to answer any questions you might have
  • Informational materials about Neighbor to Neighbor – you don’t have to be an expert to be an advocate and make a difference! We can provide brochures, table tents, business cards, etc.
  • A Neighbor to Neighbor ambassador or staff member can come to your party to share the impact gifts have on our community

Now more than ever, we want to ensure that everyone has a place to call home.  Please consider hosting a Rent Party next month in support of Neighbor to Neighbor.

Sign up to host a rent party by emailing!

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Thank you to our Sponsors, who are making this event possible and helping our community every day!